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本文摘要:Technology makes our lives better. Youre taking a MOOC class, and have your appointments organized on your computer. You watch wepisodes on your internet-capable high-definition television. You pay your bills electronically and save time a


Technology makes our lives better. Youre taking a MOOC class, and have your appointments organized on your computer. You watch wepisodes on your internet-capable high-definition television. You pay your bills electronically and save time and money. Thats fine and dandy, until someone takes out the electronic banking system and the machines take over the planet.科技为我们带给了更加幸福的生活。你可以参与网络课程,利用电脑整理自己的约会事宜。你也可以在反对联网的高清电视机上网页网页,用于网络展开电子支付。

这一切都让人实在如此得心应手,直到有一天你找到,有人可以入侵银行的网上交易系统,而先进设备的机器将不会攻破我们的星球。Sounds crazy? Perhaps. None of the gadgets and innovations we included in our list of 10 scary technologies is likely to rain death and destruction on our little planet, though that doesnt prevent people from being unnerved by them. Read on to find out what weirdness may await in the future.这听得一起是不是很可怕?也许吧。

以下我们所列的这10个可怕的科技发明者中,不论是小玩意还是大发明者,都不大可能对我们的星球导致损害甚至是毁灭性的压制。只不过人们依然回应深感惶惶不安。现在竟然我们来想到,未来究竟有什么怪异的事情在等着我们吧。10.Hearing Voices at the Store10.商店里的私人扩音器Imagine that you walk into your friendly neighborhood big box store and instead of being greeted by a smiling retiree, you hear whispered voices prompting you to buy things. You spin around to see whos speaking, but theres no one there and none of the other shoppers seem alarmed. Have you finally gone nuts? No, but the ]advertising industry has.想想看,你走出附近一家环境不俗的大型超市,庆贺你的并不是一位面带笑容的老年人,而是平易近人开朗的声音耳语般地希望你出售一些商品。


最后你不会会奇怪的真是要傻丢弃了呢?不,当然会。确实可怕的是那些广告商。A company called Holosonics has developed a technology called the Audio Spotlight system, which uses tiny speakers to focus sound into a very narrow beam. Ultrasonic frequencies are too high for the human ear to hear, but as the sound travels from the Audio Spotlight systems speakers, air distorts the sound and makes it audible. Its perfect for in-store advertising, but youd have to be standing in the right place to hear it.全方位应用于声学公司(Holosonics)早已研发了一种称为“声音探讨系统”的技术,需要利用微型扩音器将声音挤满成狭小的一束。因超声波的频率过低,人类大自然无法听见这类声音。

但是应用于了“声音探讨系统”的扩音器发出声音后,空气可以转变超声波,使其需要为人类所听到。这种技术用来展开店内广告及营销工作真是是再行适合不过了!然而要留意的是,只有车站在准确的方位才能听见声音。9.DNA Hacking9.解密DNAWhen the human genome was fully mapped in 2003, researchers around the globe began to dissect the genomes 3 billion-plus base pairs for the root causes of diseases like Alzheimers and common cancers. But that was only the beginning. The real dream of biotechnology is not only to understand how our DNA expresses itself, but also to write new DNA that heals disease and repairs bodies from the inside out. J. Craig Venter, the bio-entrepreneur whose company helped map the genome, reached a new milestone in 2010 when he built the worlds first synthetic, self-replicating chromosome He loaded some homemade synthetic DNA into a bacterial cell and watched it grow and divide according to computer-generated As, Ts, Gs and Cs. By his own reckoning, he had created life.在人类基因组计划于2003年圆满完成之后,全球范围内的研究人员都开始深入研究基因组中30多亿个碱基,企图找到一些疾病如阿兹海默或其他少见癌症的显然病因。

然而这意味着是个开始。生物科技的终极理想不仅在于搞清楚基因表达的方式,还要需要构建新型基因的建构,从而构建由内而外、几乎医治疾病的目的。克雷格·文特尔(J.Craig Venter)是一名生物科技领域的的企业家,其研究机构为“人类基因组”计划贡献了一份力量。

2010年,他所展开的“全球首例人工合成、自我复制的染色体”项目获得突破性进展。克雷格·文特尔将人工合成的DNA植入菌细胞,通过计算机分解四种碱基(As,Ts,Gs 和Cs)来仔细观察菌细胞的分化生长。

用他自己的话来说,他是在建构生命。In the happy scenario, biologists of the near future will figure out how to program viruses and bacteria to deliver custom-made cures that shrink cancerous tumors or reverse the tide of dementia. In the super scary scenario, bioterrorists engineer deadly superbugs that target us at a genetic level. In a 2012 article, The Atlantic imagined a technologically plausible scheme in which the president of the United States is assassinated by a highly contagious cold designed to target a weak link in his specific genetic code. To keep your DNA out of enemy hands, its best not to leave the house without a hairnet and rubber gloves.如果事情发展成功的话,在不远处的将来,生物学家未来将会掌控细菌和病毒,针对患病者的病症获取所需的化疗,从而恶化癌症类肿瘤的病况或是有效地挽回老年痴呆的发作。

不过,如果事情朝着极其可怕的一面发展,生化恐怖分子也有可能研发出有致命性的超级细菌,必要从基因层面上对人类构成威胁。2012年,美国大西洋月刊公开发表一篇文章,作者在文章中明确提出一个科技上几乎不切实际的假设:通过使人病毒感染一种低传染性的发烧,你能刺杀美国总统于无形,因为这种发烧能反击人体基因代码中某一特定的黯淡链接。这样显然,要想要防止敌人提供你的DNA,以后出门时发网和橡胶手套可都要随身携带啦。8.Cyberwar8.网络战争Imagine a war fought completely by computer. No, were not talking about a scene out of the movie WarGames, were talking an all-out attack on a nations electronic infrastructure. Whats that, you may ask? Those are the systems that control emergency response services, banks and other electronic commerce, the systems that run the electrical grid, water and fuel pipeline controls, and oh, yeah: defense weaponry. A well-executed attack could cause serious disruption and open the populace up to physical threats.你能想象一场几乎由电脑来僵持的战争吗?等等,我们说道的可不是《战争游戏》中的一些场面,而是大家的电脑火力魔幻地反击一个国家的电子设施。


In 2013, FBI Director James Comey predicted that cyberattacks would soon overtake traditional international terrorism as the greatest threat to homeland security. In 2008,Georgia suspected Russia of denial-of-service attacks (which Russia denied). In 2013, South Korea accused North Korea of cyberttacks. Hackers have taken on the Pentagon, and some suspect terrorist organizations of training their operatives to launch computer assaults. So how do you defend against a cyberattack? Educating people about computer viruses and Trojan horses will help, and using updated antivirus software is also important.联邦调查局局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)在2013年预测,网络攻击不会迅速打破传统的国际恐怖组织,沦为国家安全性的仅次于隐患。2008年,在美国佐治亚州(Georgia),有互联网研究专家猜测俄罗斯政府对美国发动了切断服务反击。

(学术著作:denial-of-service attacks,简写:DoS,亦称洪水反击,是一种网络攻击手法,其目的在于使目标计算机的网络或系统资源消耗,使服务继续中断或暂停,造成其对目标客户不能用。)而俄国政府回应言论回应坚称。2013年韩国起诉朝鲜对其展开网络攻击。

这么多的网络攻击事件爆出后,忽然言论四起,有的说道黑客早已攻陷了五角大楼的防火墙,还有的说道有些疑为恐怖组织正在训练特工,打算发动电脑攻击。那么身陷不安全性网络的我们该如何防止呢?为了需要让大众更加安全性地网际网路,政府应当普及有关计算机病毒和特洛伊木马病毒(Trojan horses)的各种科学知识,让公众需要辨识并防治,除此之外,还应当不断更新用于的杀毒软件。Cyberattacks actually might be useful tools against machines that have learned to think for themselves and chosen to eliminate humanity. Its the stuff of science fiction, but why do some people believe this could happen? Learn more on the next page.科幻小说可能会经常出现:网络攻击实质上是用来对付那些享有了意识并想避免人类的机器的。但为什么不会有人坚信呢?不要看着,下一小节告诉他你。